An adult day care center provides a safe, secure environment for socialization and activities. Designed for older adults who are lonely or can no longer manage independently, adult day care centers provide older adults the opportunity to get out of the house, partake in fun and educational activities, and still receive needed care services. At the same time, they offer caregivers a break from the physical demands and stress of providing round-the-clock care. A caregiver can attend to personal needs, or rest and relax from caregiving duties, knowing their loved one is in good hands.

When comparing adult day care centers to find the right fit for your family, you should create a checklist with certain questions suitable for your needs. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Ownership and Certification: Who owns or sponsors the adult day care center and how long has it been operating? Is it properly licensed or certified?
  2. Hours of Service: What are the days and hours of operation? Are these hours appropriate for your situation?
  3. Transportation: Is transportation provided? Is there an additional charge for transportation?
  4. Accepted Participants: Which mental and physical conditions are accepted at the facility?
  5. Staff: What are the staff’s credentials? What is the ratio of staff to participants? Have they been trained in dementia issues?
  6. Activities: What activities are offered? Are there a variety of individual and group programs?     Is the programming structured to maintain by not over stimulate participants? Are individuals with dementia separated or included in activities?
  7. Cost: What is the daily cost? Are there additional fees such as meal and snack, craft supply, or outings fees? Is financial assistance available? Is there a minimum amount of time an older adult must participate each week?
  8. Additional Services: Are blood pressure tests, annual immunizations, grooming services, bathing, eye and dental check-ups, etc. offered?
  9. Physical and Medical Accomodations: Can the facility dispense medicine and/or give reminders about taking pills? How do they handle toileting and incontinence? How do they ensure participation for wheelchair-restricted client or hearing impaired participants?
  10. Safety: How are behavior problems handled? What is their policy in case of a medical emergency? Are there specific behaviors or care needs which would require your loved one’s withdrawal from the program? Remember to consider not only your loved one’s current state but possible future conditions.

Schedule a visit and examine each facility for cleanliness, odors, atmosphere, room size, and lighting. Watch verbal and non-verbal communication between staff and participants. Do they seem cheerful and comfortable? Deciding on an adult day care facility is often a difficult and stressful situation. We invite you to come visit us and see how our adult day care can assist your family. We will answer all of your questions and show you that we offer the best care and activities for your loved one in a beautiful and serene environment. Schedule a tour with us today!